PHP How to Use ISSET()
PHP How do you Use Multiple Submits:

To be able to distinguish between submit buttons in the same <FORM> you can use ISSET.

In the ISSET you simply state the name of the submit button.

Here is an exemple of how the snip can look like:

if (isset($_POST['show1'])) {code here}


How do you Use Multiple Submits in PHP?

In this posting we will look shortly at ISSET() in PHP.
This will show how you can use multiple submit buttons on the same page, yes, even in the same <FORM> tag.



<INPUT NAME='show1' TYPE='submit' VALUE='Show text #1'>
<INPUT NAME='show2' TYPE='submit' VALUE='Show text #2'>



    if (isset($_POST['show1']))  { 
        echo "You clicked the first submit button";
    if (isset($_POST['show2']))  { 
        echo "You clicked the second submit button";
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