About Autoscroll with Javascript
Autoscroll with Javascript:

This example show you how you can make a <TEXTAREA> scroll to the bottom of its content.
A good example of using this could be in the history of a chat script. Keeping users view to the last line added.

 Autoscroll with Javascript

In this example we have a TEXTAREA that will always scroll to the bottom.
I used this in a chat, so you would'nt have to scroll down manually. When the other person in the chat added some text you would see it

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I have removed most of the styling from this example to keep it clear.

<DIV ALIGN='center'>
<TEXTAREA STYLE='width:480px;height:300px;' id='textarea_id' DISABLED>
Hello world!


Put this snippet at the end of you page.

<script type="text/javascript">
var textarea = document.getElementById('textarea_id');
textarea.scrollTop = textarea.scrollHeight;


Icons made by Freepik from This example will show you how to make a textarea automatically scroll to the end.