About CSS Transform:Rotate

This is an example of using the CSS 'Transform'.
You can set the rotate parameter to any value (0-360°) and you can get a result just like you see here to the left, the caption block. (Its a 90° angle).
To the right you can try to set the slider (HTML range) to a value and see how it rotate the 'HELLO WORLD!!!' piece of text. You can use this in images also, and even tags like the <HR>.
You can style a <DIV> block with some content of what you can imagine. You can even use this on SUBMIT buttons and other FORM fields. Right inside the <INPUT TYPE='...'> -tags. And even a <TEXTAREA> And the range itself.


Try moving the slider, and click the button to see the result.



Here is the sourcecode: I have removed the styling of the text, to provide a clearer example.

<DIV STYLE=transform:rotate(35deg);>HELLO WORLD!!!</DIV>

Icons made by Freepik from Here is an example of how to use the CSS 'transform:rotate' snippet. You can style many different elements using this CSS code.