About CSS Center on page
How to center content on the page:

This is an example of how to center content on the page. The CSS code will center the content on the page, both vertical and horizontal. A usefull little snippet.

 The project: Tabs

This is a snip of CSS that will center content on the page. Both vertical and horizontal.
Click here to see an example of some text centered on the page.


<DIV CLASS='center-on-page'>This text in centered on the screen.</DIV>


    .center-on-page {
     display: flex;  
     flex-direction: column;  
     justify-content: center;  
     align-items: center;  
     text-align: center;  
     min-height: 100vh;}

Icons made by Freepik from This page is about how to center things on your webpages using CSS. It centers both horizontal and vertical.