PHP Use POST Method
PHP Use POST Method:

How do you get those user inputs to be read in your PHP code?

Following will read the input from f.ex a textfield where user have written her name. The 'user_name' is the name of the form filed, f.ex a text field. For this example we use POST. You can do like so;

$iread = $_POST['user_name'];

You find more examples to the right of here.

 Use POST Method

How do you Use POST Method?

Now I will show how to ORDER the output from a query.
In this posting we will learn how to read inputs from a FORM on a webpage.
You can use the $_POST[''] to read all kinds of values from FORMS, f.eks; text, password, hidden, checkbox, radio, select, submit.
As the name say it reads POSTs from FORMs where the METHOD is set to 'POST'. You can read the returned value in to a variable easily, just make something like this;

$myvar = $_POST['myfield'];

You have then put the value of 'myfield', submitted from your FORM, in your variable $myvar, and you can use it in your code elsewhere.v
The following code simply show a webpage with two textfields and a submitbutton. You can enter some names in the textfields and on submit you will see that the values are read from the form and send to the screen. This just shows how to read values from a form into variables. You can change and use it as you want, for example for entering names into our test database for our contacts.



<TD>Firstname: </TD> 
<TD><INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='firstname' VALUE='" . $Firstname . "'> 

<TD>Lastname: </TD> 
<TD><INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='lastname' VALUE='" . $Lastname . "'> 

<TD><INPUT TYPE='submit' NAME='readme' VALUE='Okay, read me'> 



    if (isset($_POST['readme']))  { 

    function showme() { 
    $Firstname = $_POST['firstname']; 
    $Lastname = $_POST['lastname']; 

    echo "Your contact is: " . $Firstname . " " . $Lastname; 
    }  ?>
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