About CSS: Background image
Background image (full page):

This is an example of using the CSS 'background-image'. where you can insert an image file, and have it to fill out your entire page-background.

Try to get your image created or converted, so both the quality and size will be reasonable.

The example I use on the background for this page, is a 589*416 pixles PNG screenshot of the terminal window in Linux Mint.
Its taken from the video about installing a LAMP stack.

The project: Background image (full page):

This is a short tip about how to have a background image on you page, and show it on the full page, without any scrollbars.
This code is simple CSS, and nothing else.


body { 

Icons made by Freepik from Here is an example about using the CSS; 'background-image' to fill your image to cover the complete background.