About Javascript How to navigate
About Javascript How go to another page:

This is a short Javascript snippet that can be inserted into your PHP code.
It will simple navigate user to another specified page.
Be sure also to check the other two pages about;

How to 'go-back' and
five more ways to navigate

 Navigate to other page:

 This snippet is a simple javascript that sends user to a predifined URL.

First we close the PHP - then the javascript is executed and PHP is re-activated.

You can insert a normal URL in this snip.
But you can also, with PHP, insert a PHP variable with an URL, into the string, and send people anywhere.
You don´t have to use this with a static URL.
I will sugges that you use a $_SESSION['myURL'] variables for making dynamic URL links in you web-program. With $_SESSION['myURL'] you can use the variable across pages in your project.


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