Softwares used in the creation of this ebook were;

GNU/Linux Mint (mate)
Libre Office Writer
Chromium Browser
Visual Studio Code

Jacob is selftought in web programming. And the author of this guide for people wishing to learn more about web developing. In this ebook you will see how you can setup a LAMP stack and get help in the start of creating you first webpages. You will get HTML codes with examples for formatting the text on your page. And by the examples of CSS you will get a background into styling you page. Also you will be shown some PHP codes that will get you started to work with databases, and flat files, for writing and reading. The PHP code using database querying will get you far. Think about how far you can go, just by writing, reading, updateing and deleting rows in a database. You will get a feeling about PHP that will help you to understand how PHP is used, and you can dive into expanding you knowledge about this powerfull serverside scripting language. In the OSS Web Developing Environment you can experiment and learn to become a webmaster and web programmer - you will be tought the basics, and get a feeling about what web develping is, and where to go from here.

Online since April 1995, I have had many starts on designs for ideas that I with entutiasm started on. I like grey in grey. And to make designs without any graphics is cool. And then came CSS, suddenly lots of possibilities. If I have a favorit tag then I guess that it therefor must be in the STYLE - where there are so many things you can do with the simple "border". My first page I had out was a single page with a list of snippets for Visual Basic 3. I called it "Basic Very Basic".
This ebook is my contribution to the Web Developing World.
Welcome on board!

Welcome to the newst incarnation of You can now find some texts here. About Web developing in a OSS environment, a new document. My old ebook about photography, while we wait for the second edition.. The old text; "The Creative Kitchen". The PHP snippet collection. Find some valuable tips here.... and ofcource you still find the photo album here also.