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Though this is not an editor I will add it here anyway. I see no reason, at the moment, to add a section with just this and the following piece of software. So here goes:

GIT, a version control system, build again by Linus Torvalds. Used by the folks who works on the Linux Kernel. - since spread and used by many projects. A website named github services git for the many projects. It can be used by programmers, but GIT can be used for many, or all, evolving projects. The idea is that you can make snapshots of your projects, and always can return to a previous snapshot/version, by a short command. It can be used for many more purposes than programming. Are you making manuals, documentation or any kind of documents, you can make great use of GIT. Also graphics, webpages, really anything where you work on files that is under progress. Besides github there is a partly free service called BitBucket. Here you can set up a private account, by a limited number of users, for free.
Are you more people working on a project, then one person, or group, can work on a new feature, like a branch, and then it is possible to return to the original, if you deside not to use the testproject, or you can ofcourse merge the branch into the main branch of the project. This way nothing will accidentally mess up everything. You can always return to a previous version. And that is the whole idea about GIT. And it is very powerful. You ought to make version control a have-to-do for all your projects. And you can handle major versions of your soft.
About Linux you can have GIT installed and use locally. You do not need to rely on a online service.
If you wan't an ebook, for free, about using GIT, then I have found, on Amazon Kindle, a book by Ryan Hodson, named Ry's Git Tutorial. This ebook is really really a good one to have in you library, he teaches you GIT, and does it good. I will surely recomend it.
Git is available for Windows also. You can do GIT management in your terminal, but GUI's are to be found.
You can install GIT via your softwaremanager, mintInstall.
The book By Ryan Hodson cost 0.00 US$ at, and it is really a good book, about this subject. He explains very well what GIT is about. He makes you understand what is happening and teach how you can use GIT in your project. With simple graphics he visualize where you are in the life of your project. And he have included a small project as example.
The ebook is to be found at other sites also, make a search.