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My chosen editor for opening textfiles fast. (By right clicking on a textfile, or other flatfiles in the filemanager). So mostly I used it for reading, and short editing. For web projects, I tried others, like f.ex. the aboven mentioned Aptana. But I went back to the editor that my OS is shipped with.
So for many filetypes this is my chosen editor, and I really really like it. Sometimes its just "if the feeling is right" that desided the software you choose. Like is these texteditors, that often can do the same, and that of which you have a good selection. Guess also like webbrowsers and filemanagers. Programs that you use every day.

gEdit is a texteditor for the Gnome window environment under Linux.
It is also the standard texteditor in the GNU/Linux Mint (mate) installation I have and use at the moment, and from what I will not exchange to any other, not now anyway.
The Document Statistics function is a nice thing, as I like to know how much text is in the document. Also gEdit have a spellcheck feature where you can see misspelled words, and the program gives you a list of suggestions for words to replace the misspelled.
You can ignore, or you can change the misspell into a word from the list, or you can add your own words to the list.
In gEdit you can have multiple documents open, as you have them in seperate tabs. Like most editors. gEdit offers syntax highlightings and linenumbering. It have a build-in snippet manager for a long range of languages. You find many HTML and CSS snippets. And you can insert your own codebits to use in gEdit.
The editor have a nice feeling, and I find it usable for scripting. It's lightweight, fast and enough for webprogramming. So if you don't wan't all the bells and whistles, this could be a proper editor for use in your chosen Linux OSS Web Developing Environment.
For me it covers all my needs. And more. I have set the theme to "Solarized Light", that have a light yellow or creme color, that is really pleasing to the eyes.
The font to be used, I have set to, 'Noto Mono regular, sized 14'. (@1920 pixel 13.3" monitor), and my eyes are getting older..