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Aptana - The Editor

Aptana is a text editor. One huge advantage in my opinion is the code completion feature. If you don't know what that is; it's when the program automatically will show suggestions of what possible code you can insert. If for example type < then the editor will show a list of all the HTML tags. If you then add a (<a) then you will be shown all the tags starting wiht an a. This can help you in see what is possible, which code can be inserted and if a double tag, like <FIELDSET></FIELDSET> Aptana will insert both the start and the end -tags. You can see what parameters you have available in the code. It works i with both HTML, CSS and PHP.
And i suppose both JAVA, JavaScript, and Python, besides Ruby, Aptana will support this way. The software is licensed under the (GPL) v3 (with exceptions).
The version I use is; Aptana Studio 3.

The program is a really good choice if you wan't a editor with features. Ofcource the mandatory tabs. But also a snippet library. And it not only remembers the last opened files, but also where you were in those files. A nice feature that should be standard, but not is. One more good reason to use it for projects, with several opened files. You just dive right in, no need to find the project directory and the files, every time you start up the editor.
A very useful thing, for you to easily seperate the code parts, is the syntaxhighting. Very useful also is linenumbering.
The code completion works as if you for example start writing a tag like <INPUT> then a long list of possible parameters is shown. And you can see in the list also many events that fires when the element for example is clicked or other events. <input onclick=''>
This can be used to trigger a javascript.
If you are looking for the code to a special characters then you can simply write &, and the list will show you the list of those. This can be for a copyright sign; ©. You can find a list of codes for special characters elsewhere in this ebook. See the Table of Contents.
As I am making this ebook in HTML, I had a webbrowser opened, and resized to a narrow width, so it resemples a ebook reader a little, so I have an idea about the look of the layout. But in aptana I can have a browser in the left side of Aptana. This is a great feature. And in the setting I can choose either to use the default webbrowser, or I can choose Firefox, as I have that installed. (I have Opera, Aruna, and Chromium also, but in the settings I can only select Firefox as an alternative), I use the default. Set in the preferences.
The width and height can be set to different iPad and iPhone sizes, and a few more phones, or a custom where you can set other widths and heights.