This ebook is about how to setup
and use an Open Source Software
Web Developing Environment
on a Local Desktop.

Welcome, to the e-book about setting up, and use of, -an OSS WebDeveloping Environment on a Local Desktop Computer.
In this book we will do web programming using Open Source Software.
We will look at programs that can aid you in the process of crafting webpages.
You will have to have some kind of basic knowledge on how to create webpages in HTML by hand. If you know a little about CSS styling, then it will also help you. But in this text there is a chapter about CSS, and you will find some examples that will get you started. There is a long chapter about HTML. Mostly about how you can format text. Besides that I will show you some PHP snippets, that you can use, when handling a database. And I'll show you how to write to, and read from, a flat file. And you will be shown how to work with forms in conjunction with the database.
So we will dive in to it all; HTML, CSS and PHP.

Welcome to the newst incarnation of You can now find some texts here. About Web developing in a OSS environment, a new document. My old ebook about photography, while we wait for the second edition.. The old text; "The Creative Kitchen". The PHP snippet collection. Find some valuable tips here.... and ofcource you still find the photo album here also.